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Consultant Entrance
Our Services
Our group will give you the most professional clinical consultants and suggestions for your discomfort if you gave us your medical informations through filling up our intake form. After the accurate diagnosis we will solve your discomfort by prescription of herbs - dozons of herbs for one person, which is a kind of scientific combination of herbs from me- your oriental medical doctor.  All the herbs in our clinic are high quality herbal powders, and easy to take. Join us as soon as possible and make you happier and healthier. 
  1. Our Services
    Professional consultants is perticular for each Client according to the clint's intake form information.
  2. Our Services
    Provide modern high quality herbal powders. It is easy to take as soluble coffee.
  1. Our Services
    Professional acupuncture, especially for body pain.
  2. Our Services
    Tui Na; Moxa; Cupping.